Does UBER Prevent Potential DUI Fatalities??

Uber Safety Infographic


Uber has completed hundreds of thousands of trips in Kansas City since launching here in May, 2014.  We’ve taken a look at what this means for the entrepreneurs providing those rides.  But what does it mean for riders? Transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere, for everyone. Our mission is as simple as it is ambitious.  Press a button on your phone and in minutes you’re connected to a safe and reliable ride at a fraction of the cost of taking a taxi.In pursuit of this mission, we’re transforming the fabric of cities around the world – creating a safe and reliable way to get around, generating over 50,000 jobs a month, lowering DUI incidents, and improving local economies.

A RIDE WHENEVER YOU NEED IT We work hard to ensure that you can rely on Uber for a safe ride at the press of a button.  Whether it’s last call or a morning airport run, being connected to a ride in a timely manner is incredibly important. Our average ETA in Kansas City is under four minutes.   When compared to the often slow and uncertain nature of other transportation options, a reliable ride in under four minutes fundamentally changes the calculus when deciding how to get home.  Expedient pickups aren’t just convenient, they make it easier to make the smart choice and lead to more riders utilizing the platform to get around town safely.

A RIDE WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST Uber impacts the way that residents and visitors alike move around Kansas City in countless ways, but perhaps none is more important to community safety than when it comes time to head home after a night out. Uber is a better late night option.  A vast majority of DUI fatalities occur at night, and 8pm to midnight is the peak period for alcohol-related incidents. We can compare that to the distribution of Uber KC’s completed trips over a 24-hour timespan. It’s clear then that trip requests spike during the times when alcohol-related incidents are at their highest.  Our flexible supply model and network of part-time driver partners is what enables us to meet this spike in demand. We’re big believers that if you give people a safe, affordable, and reliable alternative to drinking and driving, fewer people will drive drunk.  We’ve seen DUI rates declinein Uber cities around the globe and we’re committed to continuing that trend in Kansas City.

Enjoy the ride ahead, and get home safe. -Uber Kansas City

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