AI, Robots, and Human Gluttony

Lawyer, accountant, insurance agent, financial advisor, pharmacist, doctor, carpenter, plumber, electrician, mathematicians, chemist, etc.. are all trades that take years to master, but are also (1) search away from answering specific questions with definitions and examples.

Time is finite and us humans don’t have time to go into the weeds with every question or problem we encounter, but robots do, and they can do it with a perfect memory and impeccable speed. Anyways don’t fret, I’m sure Moore’s law does not apply here.

Robot News reporter

Creepy and realistic

Robot Carpenter 

Primitive but tons of potential

Robot Military

Fun fact: Boston Dynamics which was funded by the US military from the early 90’s to last year, is now owned by Chinese firm Soft Bank.

Robot Animals

Robots being accepted in the animal kingdom

Doctor Robot

Is more precision better or worse during surgery?

Image result for ex machina




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