The Most Essential Free App for Your Smart Home

Smart Home appliances are not cheap, so it was a great surprise when I stumbled upon a free app called IFTTT. This app helped me take my home from smart to brilliant.

IFTTT is a free app on IOS and Android that allows you to create “recipes” or conditional statements. The user links apps and smart home gadgets to interact with each other. An example would be IF the Kansas City Royals game starts (via ESPN app) THEN flash my Lifx smart bulbs the color Blue 5x (Lifx App).

The possibilities almost seem endless as you browse the apps you can link with such as, all major smart home gadgets including Amazon Echo, Gmail, IOS Location, Reddit, Twitter, Weather, YouTube, Craigslist, Dropbox, Calendar, Phone Call, etc.. Best part is that users can create their own Recipes.


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