Shout-out to the Unicorn Investors

Shout-out to the Venture Capitalist investors who have been subsidizing our culture to gain users. My pals and I appreciate it. The cheap Uber and Lyft rides you give us to inflate download and active user numbers. A live TV app like Hulu that squashes cable provider prices to gain subscribers in lieu of profit. Spotify,… Read More Shout-out to the Unicorn Investors

Does UBER Prevent Potential DUI Fatalities??

ORIGINAL POST –> UBER’S IMPACT ON KANSAS CITY MARCH 24, 2015 POSTED BY ZACK SLEZAK Uber has completed hundreds of thousands of trips in Kansas City since launching here in May, 2014.  We’ve taken a look at what this means for the entrepreneurs providing those rides.  But what does it mean for riders? Transportation as reliable as… Read More Does UBER Prevent Potential DUI Fatalities??