Forget Politics, Donald Trump’s Pipeline Real Estate Projects Are WAY More Exciting


After catching a glimpse of Donald Trump’s “town hall” in New Hampshire today, the most captivating subject was not the Magnificent Trump Wall he is going to have Mexico fund, but it is that Trump does in fact own some of the most luxurious hotels and commercial real estate in the states, trump would agree. We all know Donald Trump made his fortune in real estate but check out this CNBC documentary to get a sense of his roots.

The best part about Donald Trump is even though his ambitions are set on becoming the president of the free world, he also has these projects in his sight..

Istanbul, Turkey

Panama, Panama City

Philippines, Makati

India, Mumbai

India, Pune

Punta Del Este, Uruguay

Canada, Vancouver 

Brazil, Rio

Find out more information on future, past, and current projects at

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