Fascinating Global Population Forecast By Nato, Fortunes To Be Made In Africa?


The full NATO report can be found here, for the sake of your sanity let me summarize.

  • In the next 85 years expect a world population growth from todays 7.2 Billion to 11.2 Billion in year 2100

  • A majority of the growth is expected to occur in Africa with a 34% increase

  • Europe is projected to decline by 4.9% between 2015-2050

  • By 2050 Nigeria will surpass the United States as the 3rd most populous country

  • Congo, Ethiopia, and Egypt will enter into the top 12 highest populated counties by year 2050 for the first time


Economist reports:

The median age of 30 will rise to 36 in 2050 and 42 in 2100—the median age of Europeans today. A quarter of Europe’s people are already aged 60 or more; by 2050 deaths will outnumber births by 32m. The UN warns that only migration will prevent the region’s population from shrinking further.

Europe may be in trouble.. whose down to head to Africa and start buying up land parcels??


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