Cool Off This Summer with These Chill Homes On The Water

I don’t know what it is about architects these days but they seem to be infatuated with floating homes. Frankly their enthusiasm is getting me excited about the idea. Just cant decided where to build my floating home a bay in Greece, France, or Spain?




Image via Designboom

For some reason (A widespread housing shortage maybe?Our need to “escape”?), designers and property developers have been cooking up a bunch of a fantastical floating homes lately. Far from your average houseboat, these aquatic dream homes also come in much more inventive forms than the typical luxury yacht. Some are tourism-focused, others seem like legitimate proposals for alternative housing, but all are quite wild.

Below are five recently unveiled floating home concepts in various phases of development. If you could have your way, which one would you favor? Or is all of this gratuitous fantasy stuff and and we should just focus on figuring out things on land? Take our poll below the galleries.

Images via InhabitatSeascape Villa—BMT Asia Pacific

Capacity: ~700 to 1,800 square feet
Bragging rights: Modularity (which means add-on units are possible), underwater bedrooms, solar panels
E.T.A.: None yet

Images via DesignboomThe Floating Seahorse— Kleindienst Group

Capacity: Three levels, square footage unclear
Bragging rights: Fully-furnished kitchen, glass-bottomed jacuzzi, sun deck, underwater master bedroom
E.T.A.: End of 2016

Images via DesignboomThe Waternest 100— ecoflolife and Giancarlo Zema Design Group

Capacity: ~1,076 square feet
Bragging rights: 98 percent recyclable, 600 square feet of solar panels, leak-proof teak floors, balconies
E.T.A.: It’s already here! Prices start at roughly $550K for a smaller, 645-square-foot version, and go up to roughly $880K for the standard 1,076-square-foot model.

Images via DesignboomThe Floating House—Carl Turner Architects for Paperhouses

Capacity: ~ 1,345 square feet
Bragging rights: Gardens, solar panels, a “crow’s nest” observation room, upper deck, rainwater-harvesting tank
E.T.A.: It’s already here! (Kind of.) If you build it yourself.

Images via ArchDailyFloating Hotel with Catamaran-Apartments—Salt & Water

Capacity: Accommodates 2 to 4 people, square footage unclear
Bragging rights: Large windows, balconies, lofted sleeping areas
E.T.A.: Probably not for a while…the design studio is looking for investors.

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