Squeezing Skyscrapers In

Tower’s tuning fork design conquers tight site   Bordered by train tracks and water, a narrow 2.5-acre plaza in Chicago is finally being developed; Innovative, core-supported structure and record-setting cantilevering columns maximize the site; Small footprint flares from 6,000-sq-ft floorplates at base to 29,000-sq-ft floors on upper 46 levels. They came, they saw… they took a… Read More Squeezing Skyscrapers In

KC Construction Boom: Sparks New Way of Doing Business

A solid economy means companies are growing, governments have bigger budgets, bets are made on RE development, and a construction industry thrives. Unfortunately like I have written before the construction industry is having a huge labor shortage. A labor shortage in an industry that is booming will naturally drive up prices of building, expanding, or renovating. In the… Read More KC Construction Boom: Sparks New Way of Doing Business