Yo, KCUR Chill Out On The Estimates For the Royals Parade! I’m Good W/ 800k

Not sure why I am paying any attention to this nonsense, perhaps because its Wednesday evening and i’ve had a few glasses of wine? But I digress.

Yesterday as I was glancing through the KCBiz Journal I noticed the headline “KCUR report questions KC’s 800,000 Royals celebration attendance estimate” it caught my attention for a second, but then continued my search for something applicable.


Typically I listen to KCUR on my way to and from work, with the exception of when the Royals are doing good, in that case its 610 AM.

Now that I’m back on a normal schedule I figured I’d check out what I had missed. Didn’t get passed the first page and saw this title “Why We’ll Never Really Know How Many People Were At The Royals Parade” 

Okay, maybe KCUR was more optimistic and thought that the estimate was low? Nope, the article appears to say that the city fabricated the estimate, and an accurate, optimistic estimate should of been around 500K.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 5.21.00 PM copy

If I got paid to write these articles, or to come up with senseless formulas, I surely would come up with a formula to make the 800k estimate seem modest…….. NVM I’ll give it a shot!

Where I think the gaps are in KCUR’s estimate

  • Professionals who work downtown that only walked to parade for a few minutes and went back to work (90K)

  • Fans who were riding piggyback and sitting on shoulders (60k)

  • People in the Cashew  (100k)

  • Individuals stuck in traffic (200k)

  • Businesses on Grand that had a better view from their offices (40K)

  • Power and Light District (127)

  • Misc. Bars (70k)

KCUR’s Estimate + My Gaps = 1,060,127

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