Never Mind, You May Be Better Off Renting In Kansas City


In April I wrote about how Kansas City made the list of one of the highest Rent Price Increases in the states. Apparently not enough, if you have been to the city at all this summer you may of noticed a few cranes, construction workers walking around, and parking lots disappearing, a vast majority of it is upper middle-class “luxury” multifamily properties. My personal favorite is the 1931 Power and Light Tower Apartment Conversion.


New studies show that just because rent prices are going up, does not mean they are not affordable, a recent article in Bloomberg titled “Like cheap housing? Consider Missouri” suggest its actually cheap!

Of course this is based on a medium yearly income of $52,300.

Dear young people who are deep in the struggle of life as adults: Would you like to pay a little less to sleep in your bed at night? If your answer is “yes, a lot,” perhaps you should consider shipping off to Missouri. The state is home to two of the cities where millennials are most likely to find rents they can actually afford, according to an analysis that Zillow conducted for Bloomberg.

This is how much you need to make to live in surrounding metropolitan Kansas City areas.

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