Prestigious Kansas City Private Club Files Bankruptcy After 133 years of Aristocratic Members


The Kansas City Club has officially closed its doors and is putting its building on the market. Over the last century the club has had notable members, such as: Harry S. Truman, Dwight D Eisenhower, Tom Pendergast, Kemper Family, Ewig Kauffman, and Robert A. Long.

If only those walls could talk, I can only imagine the stories shared, jokes told, and business deals that were done inside that club. Especially during the Pendergast era.

“Over the past decade, several members and your elected board of directors have dedicated countless hours and very often personal funds to propping up the club,” the letter said. “We currently have a growing and aging accounts payable. In addition, we are responsible for increasing employee pension obligations as well as a bank note and two personal loans by members. Despite months and years of creative problem solving, loans and financial gifts, our cash flow situation has become untenable.”

How can a club filled with over a century of aristocrats file for bankruptcy? Well the four-story clubhouse contained a dining room, a pub, a library, a cigar stand, full-service athletic facilities, and banquet and meeting facilities including a lounge, a ballroom, and private conference rooms. Two “inner clubs” have their own private lounge and bar spaces for their own members. The athletic facilities include cardio, weight, and strength training equipment, a trainer, a masseuse, hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas, a racquetball court, and two squash courts

I’m taking bets on what they convert the building into… Smart money is on apartments or condos..

Heres some more notable past members of The Kansas City Club.


Source: thepitch Wiki

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