The Real Estate Developer Dilemma

In Kansas City, much like every metropolitan in the world it has buildings that are just one of a kind, aesthetically appealing, and irreplaceable. For example: Kansas City Center for Performing Arts, Bartle Hall Convention Center, Nelson-Atkins Museum, Liberty Memorial, and New York Life Building**



Seems like for every staple piece of architecture our city offers, there are 5x as many dull, ordinary, and multiplied buildings. If you were shown two different buildings one that had striking dimensions, colors, and creativity, while the other looked like a cereal box with windows, you might think that the striking building cost significantly more to build.

images (3)


The honest truth is it probably did cost more, its not cheap to hire a creative ballsy architect, its also not cheap to find contractors who can perform at the level needed for that type of project.

From an accounting stand point, I get it. From a human being, city admirer, and quality work appreciator perception, I don’t get it. (At least these guys are doing it right).

Organizations like KCDC put out informative analysis and case studies on developing areas in the city, that real estate developers could implement today and could take this city to new heights!

download (4)

There are tons of great developments going on in the city, I just wish that there were more ballsy architects as developers or at least had a stake in developments.










***There is an identical New York Life Building in Omaha, tf?

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