A Stubborn $10 Trillion Dollar Industry

Accounting for roughly 13% of the worlds GDP the construction industry has made some small steps in improving productivity, like communicating through email and utilizing Microsoft Excel. Kidding aside it is hard to disrupt an industry that has so many layers of complexity. Here are a few good ideas to make the construction process more… Read More A Stubborn $10 Trillion Dollar Industry

These Homes Will Blow You Out Of The Water!

Cool off this summer with these fancy floating homes! 1. Houseboat On The Eilbek Canal Location: Hamburg (Germany) Architect: Sprenger Von Der Lippe Year: 2010 Brief Description: This is one of many houses being constructed in the Eilbek Canal. Making use of the natural surroundings, the abode capitalizes on the nearby vegetation to augment the build-out… Read More These Homes Will Blow You Out Of The Water!